Who is mayor antonio villaraigosa dating

29 Jun

On the verge (probably) of officially joining the 2018 race for governor, former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced Thursday he will soon remarry.He said his bride-to-be is Patricia Govea and that they have been dating since last year.He said company policy prohibits any comment on employees' personal lives."We think she is a great reporter and professional," Richard said.Parker, 44, had rarely been seen with the mayor in recent weeks.She attended Villaraigosa’s State of the City speech on April 20 and walked the red carpet with him a week later at Britweek, an event celebrating California’s ties with Great Britain.Villarigosa, 63, mentioned the news at a lunch-time appearance at Town Hall Los Angeles in downtown then followed up on Twitter.Govea attended Thursday's lunch event — a discussion about Los Angeles with former mayor Richard Riordan, moderated by former LA Times publisher Austin Beutner — and can be seen at the end of this KCAL 9 report by Dave Lopez.

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The LA Times has been asking Villaraigosa in recent weeks to explain his status with Parker, but his answers had been evasive.

But she did not show up at a June 6 garden party hosted by Villaraigosa at Getty House, the taxpayer-owned mansion in Windsor Square that serves as the mayor’s residence.

And it was Villaraigosa Deputy Chief of Staff Matt Szabo, not Parker, who rode with the mayor in West Hollywood’s gay pride parade three days later.

Amid a frenzy of media coverage, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa divulged few new details today about his romantic relationship with a Telemundo newswoman but said it was a "friendship that evolved over time." The revelation of a romantic relationship with television newswoman Mirthala Salinas came to light in a Daily News story today after the mayor had dodged months of questions about the breakup of his marriage.

Surrounded by dozens of reporters after swearing-in ceremonies for recently elected Los Angeles Unified school board members, Villaraigosa said his relationship with Salinas is a personal matter.