Who is kobe wife dating

03 Apr

The charge of rape against Kobe was dropped because the accuser refused to testify, a civil case was later filed which was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum of money and a public apology to the alleged victim–sans any admittance of guilt–from Kobe.Standing by her man in the midst and the wake of the media firestorm that surrounded Kobe earned Vanessa ‘gift’–a ring–that reportedly cost million dollars. Bryant was spotted courtside at the Lakers game wearing red, watching Kobe, who is still legally her husband play.Please enjoy these 25 pictures of the couple through the years.The case was dropped in September 2004 after the accuser refused to testify in trial.Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from her NBA husband Kobe Bryant, she said Kobe cheated on her with multiple women, one of them is believe to be Kim Kardashian’s friend Carla Di Bello is she Kobe Bryant’s mistress turned new girlfriend?27 year-old Carla Di Bello is allegedly Kobe Bryant’s girlfriend, it has been rumored Di Bello and Bryant have been secretly dating while he was still together with wife for 10 years Vanessa Lane Bryant who filed for divorce this week.“For those that think this is Kobe’s set of rings: This is a set of Championship rings my husband gifted to me,” she wrote. Obviously, this is NOT HIS SET OF CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS…..???????? #OBVI.” Kobe and Vanessa met and started dating while she was still in high school, and married in 2001. The couple had their first child, a daughter named Natalia Diamante Bryant, in 2003.

Vanessa had stood by Kobe when he was accused of raping a woman in a hotel room in 2003.Kobe apologized to the woman for the incident stating, “…I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did…” Kobe’s former teammate Karl Malone once flirted inappropriately with Vanessa.Malone asked for Vanessa to “come sit by him and give him a hug.” Vanessa told Malone’s wife and Kobe, and Kobe reportedly told Malone to stay away from his wife. In a rare interview, she explained, “Now I realize I do have to talk about certain things. There’s a lot of good you can do with fame, like creating awareness for a foundation, but a lot of negativity comes along with it.The legend of Kobe Bryant is a controversial one, both on and off the court.In December of 2011, his wife Vanessa filed for divorce, but she and Kobe both announced the divorce was called off in January of 2013 and they’ve been happily married ever since.