Selective dating sites

11 Nov

I am happy to say I met my husband through this company.

I signed up with Selective Search over two years ago as a female in their database.

The matchmakers were extremely professional and contacted me for a face-to-face meeting several weeks later, in which they had a discussion with me about my interests, goals, what kind of relationship would work best for me and what types of men I'd be willing to meet.

The women I met - **, ** and others - were all very polite and kind and had good intentions.

(Luke ) Many of us go into dating without first thinking through our expectations of ourselves or the other person.

Unmet expectations can cause disappointment both ways.

A – Ask wise family and friends to share thoughts about your readiness to date.

(Proverbs ) Sometimes we are blinded by our own desires and we need strong people around us to speak truth.

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” Most provide you with a match of nothing more than a general shared interest or two.Godly family and friends will encourage us to pause the dating process if we aren’t quite ready.T – Take the time to pray for wisdom about the type of person you want to date.Selective dating is difficult to find with most dating services.Placing personals in hope to find your future mate proves just as frustrating.