Runescape dating clans

06 Dec

As the site's activity levels continue to increase, storage space and reasonably sized data sets are important to keep the site running quickly and efficiently.

For this reason, I will be performing an inactivity sweep of all accounts which have not gained any XP in the past 3 months.

In 2004, a new concept and ideology arose within the Rune Scape clan community – n Me, the first official no honor clan, was born, led by Deerslayer14, Owners1, and Hanky Boy.

Many long-lasting members and future officials such as Tidusx 5, Andrewhol/Matty022, and Dragon Tonna would join soon after.

Note that because F2P players do not appear on the Rune Scape highscores, this will also include accounts that have been F2P for the past 3 months.

The only exception to this will be for accounts that have a Global Record - these accounts will never be removed.

During this era, many future Ro T officials would join the NH clan world such as Xx Hotshot X, Themario, Noobpkerbri, Insanecancer, and Black Hawk77.

However, it appears this will not be the case anytime soon.

The clan grew quickly and instantly became a force in the P2P wilderness.

It established a strong mage bank team which created new, never-before-seen tactics.

Should you wish to apply to join us, you would have to register first. Use your Runescape main character name and a new NON-Runescape password.

Do NOT use the same password on this site as any other password you use on Runescape or your email(s).