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03 Feb

The applicant should bring along the following documents: a) A completed application form.b) His or Her Hong Kong Identity Card or valid Travel Document.A video appearing to show a student slapping another on the face with his penis has circulated among the University of Hong Kong’s students on Wednesday.Anonymous online commenters attributed the incident to “hall tradition.” The perpetrator in the video wore a hoodie bearing the words “Chemistry HKU,” though it is unclear whether the incident took place at a university dormitory.derived information on the flight’s length from the airline’s website, which assures travellers the journey time is 15 hours 45 minutes.Qantas now says the trip will take an hour longer, touching down in the Western Australian capital almost 17 hours after leaving London.A Building in a stopover during the long haul to Australia and back is both straightforward and sensible.

Applications for the Certificate for any other purposes will not be accepted.John’s College at HKU were accused of entering the dormitory room of a student and pouring wax over his penis.The allegation was made on Facebook by a student who was running for a seat on the hall committee. Student news website Pokfulam Herald reported on Sunday that the incident took place last month, and the victim was a hall committee candidate.Add-value service for Octopus cards will not be provided by this office. Applicants may elect to make an advance appointment through the Automatic Telephone Appointment Booking System at 2396 5351, no less than one day in advance of the intended appointment.Consent for Fingerprint Taking and Authorization to disclose Criminal Records and Issuance of Certificate 5.