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14 Dec

Many areas still retain a strong Acadian French culture, including the largest francophone municipality, Clare in Digby County and Argyle, in Yarmouth County.

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It's a celebration of our confederation as a country within the British Empire in 1867.

Internet slang provides a channel which facilitates and constrains our ability to communicate in ways that are fundamentally different from those found in other semiotic situations.

For any Canadian who travels abroad, you may hear the stereotypical "eh," "aboot" (about), or worse — how do you survive living in an igloo all year?

But here, just like the diversity of our population, culture and local food we also have a long list of spoken languages, including our very own "Canadian" one.

Now even though our two official languages are English and French, the country is home to more than 200 other mother tongues including the most popular ones, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi and Spanish, according to a 2011 Statistics Canada report.