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14 Jan

Because the work involved in updating the site to use new software would take more time than I have available, I've decided to leave it in its present state indefinitely, as a record of Richard Armitage's career to date.

An African origin for these people is a good fit because Ocean Currents would have carried migrants from Africa to the Americas, since there were no Ice Age sheets of ice to block passage across the southern Atlantic. Bryan, in has noted many sites where Paleo Americans have left us evidence of human habitation, including the pebble tools at Monte Verde in Chile (c.32,000 Before Present), rock paintings at Pedra Furada in Brazil (c.22,000 BP), and mastodon hunting in Venezuela and Colombia (c.13,000 BP).

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This video was taken by the crew of Expedition 29 on board the ISS.

The pass starts from just northeast of the island of Newfoundland over the North Atlantic Ocean to central Africa, over South Sudan.