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18 Jul

For all fans of Downton I thought you might enjoy travel back to episodes we have all seen and take a cooking lesson in memory of dear Lady Sybil.

Today we learn how to make creamy scambled eggs, fit for the Downton upstairs breakfast room, but easily made in your own Abbey. Properly made scrambled eggs are a simple mixture of eggs with a little butter, prepared in a saucepan, not a skillet.

A Hands-on Guide to Transposing Data, Christianna Williams How To DOW, Paul Dorfman How to Use ARRAYs and DO Loops: Do I DO OVER or Do I DO i?

Every VBA developer (which is anyone who knows how to get into the VBE I guess) develops his or her own programming habits: sparse commenting or elaborate commenting, naming convention (or no declaration at all), code indenting, preference for certain structures and methods over others. Many books have been written about this, of which I find “Code Complete” is a very good one. All in all, producing the entire document set took me about half a day. Tell me what you think and what your experiences are!

Pamela Jones portrayed Florian Müller’s criticism as one that refers to secrecy (the minor debate, not the real debate) by writing: Bergelt is highly respected in the FOSS community, as is OIN, as you can verify by looking at the lists of those signed on as licensees. His complaint this time is that OIN isn’t transparent enough. For this one act alone, the community owes OIN our thanks to time indefinite. A lot of effort could instead be spent explaining to legislators why US patent law is the black sheep when it comes to software patents.

You know who I think would *really* love OIN to be transparent? Then it could avoid getting checkmated by OIN next time. The US ought to be brought into alignment with global patent law, not the other way around.

This reopened the debate about OIN, mostly comprising OIN sceptics and OIN proponents (the debate about how OIN should be operated from within is a minor one).

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This fascinating book demonstrates how you can build Web 2.0 applications to mine the enormous amount of data created by people on the Internet.

In an updated version of its privacy policy, the company added a paragraph noting that once users agree, Apple and unspecified “partners and licensees” may collect and store user location data.

YESTERDAY we wrote about Canonical joining the OIN.

Programming Collective Intelligence takes you into the world of machine learning and statistics, and explains how to draw conclusions about user experience, marketing, personal tastes, and human behavior in general -- all from information that you and others collect every day.

Each algorithm is described clearly and concisely with code that can immediately be used on your web site, blog, Wiki, or specialized application.