Michael the dating wizard

29 Jun

Starting several years ago, I was the FIRST guy to teach this natural app...

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You WILL learn how to unleash the parts of your personality that NATURALLY attract women.“He said, ‘I hear that’s the one that people die at.’” D’Addario is reluctant to give away any secrets about how the Twigs got Rundgren to join them in the desert.“I don’t want other people stealing our idea,” he jokes.“It was such a dream come true for us,” says Brian D’Addario of getting the wizard/true star to step in on the “Something/Anything? Sunday, Thundercat brought the 1970s lightning with a three-song appearance by Michael Mc Donald, a drop-in that’s somewhat less surprising, since the Doobie Brother appeared on Thundercat’s “Show You the Way,” though probably no one at Coachella was expecting a bonus performance of “What a Fool Believes” in anyone’s set.“Todd said he’d never been” to Coachella, D’Addario recounts.