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17 Apr

Sifting through “weekend” Christians, who probably hear the word “Mormon” and immediately lump it in with the likes of Heaven's Gate type psychopaths can get old fast; you don't have to deal with this type of misinformed individual in Utah, where even those who don't belong to the Church know a bit about it and its members courtesy of their surroundings.

Mormonism didn't technically begin in Utah but ultimately Utah became the central place of identity for members of the Church of Latter-day Saints.

Alta, just 25 miles away, gets 560″ of snow dumped on it annually, the highest snowfall in the state. They’re all within a 30- to 45-minute drive of the city, and at 500″ of annual snowfall each, they’re all next in line for the most snow in Utah. It dropped to #6 in 2013, but I’m betting that’s still a lot higher than you expected.

SLC was the first in the state to pass anti-discrimination ordinances based on sexual orientation, and the LGBT community here is HUGE.

In this installment KSL Television producer Candice Madsen details her journey and what she learned producing a special about love and marriage following her own breakup. SALT LAKE CITY — A funny thing happened after the guy I wanted to marry dumped me − I got tasked with producing a one-hour television special for KSL all about modern dating, love and marriage.

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This series explores what makes marriages work and shows single people how to navigate dating, happiness and chastity.

Being one with your religion and showing true devotion towards it can make dating somewhat of a hassle, as finding a match in a society which considers purity to be totally subjective and sees spirituality as something to be thought about only when one doesn't have other things to do is quite arduous.

When your religion is off the mainstream and considered by some to be “cult-like” it can make dating even more frustrating.

Sorry to crush your vision of what Salt Lake City is ‘supposed’ to be like, but the Mormon majority is a thing of the past in the city, with the rest of the county not far behind.

The non-Mormon population has been on a steady rise for the last decade, and despite the fact that this is the headquarters of the religion, not everyone you’ll meet here will be Mormon.