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02 Apr

Sage Twitter: Sage Instagram: Sage Facebook Page: Sage WP Facebook Group (Filipino readers only): ******************************** I don't follow for follow so if you're only looking for a follow back, please feel free to unfollow me. There's nothing more fun for me to write that love and all its quirks and complications. Love or Whatever (Completed) story of Jace Taylor 7.

Sign-up form here: H Website: [email protected] questions? Wattpad is like the grown up and much more convenient version of that experience. Anyway, as for what I write, I've finally come out after all these years and I can say with pride that I write romance. I'm currently in the middle of writing the 5th. Nine Months (Completed) story of Matthew and Summer Taylor 2. Loving Her (Completed) story of Aidan and Cade Taylor 6.

Talking about ourselves can be hard and a little biased, right... I`m an aspiring artist (pen & ink, acrylics) with a background in Medieval History. REMEMBER, women who is really interested in you will never ask for money. Some of the women profiles you see here might be scams to collect money. :)) College Graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. :) Until the day I meet the guy of my dreams (my King, my fierce protector, my alpha male, my possessive guy, my superhero, my knight-in-shining-armor who'd blow my mind and my heart to bits) I'll continue to write about love stories that I wish were mine. It was painful but it was the only way to keep writing without the teacher knowing.Please don't advertise your stories on my message board or ask me to read. PLEASE SUPPORT AUTHORS BY VOTING FOR THE STORY IF YOU LIKE IT. My room is filled with books especially with historical romance novels. If you'd like to follow me along for updates and other random thoughts, find me in the different social media options listed below. ➵ I have a life (I know wow shocker) so I don't update often ➵ I update when a chapter is finished. v=0XDPgm LMZYU (trailer link) ↣ Published 1.10.16 ↣ 1Million views 6.27.16 ✽ t h e m a r t i n e z b r o t h e r s ✽ ↣ Published 2.7.16 ✽ c h i l d h o o d c r u s h ✽ ↣ Published 8.6.16 ❀ s o c i a l m e d i a ❀ → Radish ~ Xthat ONEchic X → Instagram ~ kimmy_herz (Don't mention Wattpad on there) → Snapchat ~ kimmys_weird ✘ I don't take requests of any kind and I will not give shoutouts ✘ ☹ Please don't shout yourself out on my page or any of my books. Some of my works on here: A Penny's Worth of Affection- Historical Romance (Winner, Watty awards 2012 Most Popular Historical Fiction.) His Revenge- Book 1 (Completed) To everyone who's followed me, I'm sorry I can't personally thank each one of you,(I'm a really lazy creature), but I appreciate the gesture! I truly hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!