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09 Jun

You can watch his stream on Twitch, and you can also check out his You Tube channel.Fury Warriors are a very unique melee specialization.Where as PVE is confined to a team supportive role disadvantaging only a script. If you really need spell ids, install addon "id Tip".It adds the spell id to your debuff/buff/spell Or they are listed on wowhead. don't mind having a centralized list but it will become out of date. Shout's now have no cooldown except GCD and last for 1 hour.Alot of abilities in Wo D change your stance for you. Colossus Smash requires you to be in battle stance, it will change your stance even if you don't.

It also causes up to 5 additional enemies within 8 yards to flee in fear for 8 seconds.

I also have a 2nd keybind for CS to use when I don't want FR to be used at all.#showtooltip Charge/cancelaura Bladestorm/cancelaura Blessing of Protection/use Charge/use Hamstring For Pv P and Pv E.

When at range it'll Charge, when in melee it'll Hamstring.

Shield Wall Disarm Deep Wounds Overpower Disrupting Shout/Piercing Howl talents Slam Changed Can't have both Shockwave and Stormbolt Safegaurd doesn't remove roots Charge now only roots, not stuns Shattering Throw is a glyph5 rage Rend - Wounds the target causing (x) bleed damage over 18 seconds and a final burst of damage when effect expires.20 rage Shield Barrier - Improves your defenses adsorbing (x) amount of damage, and up to 40 rage more.

(requires Dstance)Battle Shout / Beserker rage do not generate rage, and won't ever be used in your rotation.