Glossary online dating terms adult singles dating burbank illinois

03 Dec

If you are new to online dating, chances are good you will run across a lot of terms you are not familiar with.

The POFICTIONARY is like Wikipedia - it is open to evaluation and modification by it's readers. Continues = "Let me repeat, I am not looking to hook up."From a Gal = You mentioned it twice. Here's one I see waaayyyyyyyy too often:"Looking for My Soulmate"Immediate turn-off only because it is a worn and unrealistic cliche'.Statement: I’m as comfortable in a pair of jeans as I am in an evening gown .Translation: You’re going to see me mostly in jeans, but don’t be cheap and take me out on the town.Video chatting A type of communication where you chat in real time, and can see the other person as you interact. Wink An online show of interest that can be sent to someone you like.A wink is simply a signal, and typically does not contain any kind of message.