Emily maynard and chris harrison dating

29 Jul

Emily Maynard is "madly in love" with host Chris Harrison! Anyone else's head spinning from all the recent , Emily and Chris are "good friends" and the reports of any kind of romantic entanglement, or of her "dissing" him, are "100 percent false." Same goes for reports of her being a diva during production."We sit around in the control room and laugh all the [Chris and Emily rumors]," says one source inside production.Er, wait, no, actually, she's actually "dissing" him and won't give him her phone number! "Emily is very sweet and stories of her being a diva are ridiculous!Emily Maynard has narrowed her choices down to the final two men on ABC's "The Bachelorette," but an ex-girlfriend of one of the two finalists has warned the reality TV star not to make the wrong choice.

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Harshman- a 27-year-old single mother like Maynard- and Luyendyk, 30, began dating in 2009 and lived with each other for two years before finally ending their relationship in December of 2011. Let's just say that Arie has some growing up to do himself," Hardashman said.

I kind of thought he was anyway at this point, but I wasn't sure exactly what she wanted to do and I don't think she was.

If you missed anything in that talk [I had with Emily], it was her working her way towards that conclusion of what she wanted to do and how she would handle it.

Emily Maynard March 23rd, 2011 Brad Womack and Emily Maynard have been at the center of a tabloid whirlwind ever since getting engaged on the season finale of “The Bachelor.” Now the new OK!

finale, viewers watched Emily say goodbye to Arie, with whom she had an intensely strong connection from the beginning, and hand out her final rose to Jef. Arie was hard to say goodbye to because he was such a No. [But] when Jef started moving in heavily from London on, from that point he was growing leaps and bounds.