Eclipse updating indexes repo1 maven org

09 Apr

hi, i am facing a situation where my eclipse indigo is "Unable to update index for central| i am using an external maven 3.0.3 installation and i am definitely not behind any proxy also my networking configuration in eclipse is all set to direct. If that works, you can copy over your projects from the old workspace to the new. Try creating a new workspace and create a Maven project in that workspace and see if that works.

If you run mvn from the command line, does it download JARs without any problems? I assume not based on the repository URL you provided.

Does anybody have an idea to make Archiva serving this index instead of downloading it directly ? Sauf indication contraire ci-dessus:/ Unless stated otherwise above: Compagnie IBM France Siege Social : 17 avenue de l'Europe, 92275 Bois-Colombes Cedex RCS Nanterre 552 118 465 Forme Sociale : S. I mean the error message you get happened when you start eclipse (only if Download repository index updates on startup is checked in Maven prefs). Index Manager$Update :453) at org.eclipse.index. Index Manager$Index Updater va:588) at org. IOException: Transfer for failed; Error transferring file at

It does not have any effect on the build process itself. Default Index Updater$Wagon Fetcher.retrieve(D efault Index at

In the Maven Indexes consol, there is the central repository but there is nothing inside of it if I click on it.

Basically, eclipse can't seem to access the repository because it is unable to update the index.