Dating women from rusia

20 May

Here you can find wide choice of Russian women – we have more than 100 000 Russian women registered on our site, plus every day to our personals site come more than 500-600 new women.

We check profiles of all the women before activation and only those women who pass this check are activated on the site.

The best result of our work is high quantity of weddings among the users of our site.

During all these years of our work it makes thousands of happy couples!

Only your real photos of normal quality will be activated on the site.

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So you can meet and soon date a beautiful and single woman from Russia who resides in your country and, probably, in your city.

It means that you can be sure that you will not waste several months and several hundreds (or thousands) dollars for communication with some scammer who will tell you about love just for you to send money.

Thanks to our antiscam program we can detect and delete scammers from our site. During seven years we have been helping to the foreign men and Russian women to find each other.

If you want a site full of Russian women of model type, Russian blonds, tall russian girls, waiting just for you- No, you won't find them here in big numbers, we fight with Russia scammers and we do not approve such Russia girls when we see that they are Russia scammers (we have a program that helps to find it out).

We want to make our Russian dating site a safe place, On the contrary, communication with a Russian scammer also known as Russian romance scam is a fairy tale that finishes in broken hearts and broken hopes.