Dating small talk topics

12 Apr

Perhaps a big storm just blew through or maybe there is a heatwave.

Look no further than outside your door for some good conversation openers.

Contrary to popular believe, the weather and your local sports team really aren't the best subjects for small talk because it's difficult to transition from those topics to more meaningful conversation. It's not just for filling time while you wait in line at the grocery store, it's to find out more about someone so you can see if you two would click on some level and become friends.

Keep track of what sports are played during which seasons, such as football, soccer, hockey, and golf, so that you can be ready to talk about them. An even better way to break the boring-conversation mirror is to skip over the expected response, and go somewhere next-level: Instead of : Ron: How was your flight? Carlos: I’d be more intrigued by an airline where your ticket price was based on your body weight and IQ. Making small talk is definitely an art, but the upside is that the more you do it, the better you'll be at it.Finding the right topics to bring up is just as important as the ease in which you converse.