Dating sales script

02 Nov

It's amazing features and low cost make it one of the best dating website script. PHP Dating is FEATURE PACKED , Low Cost , Search Engine friendly dating site script.Note: View the products page to see our lastest, most advanced dating software products that are continously improved.Previous packages are out of the development cycle, presented here for comparition and some available as budget solutions.Our PHP script has full potential to generate very heavy revenues for you.script has been built with enhanced focus on increased ease of users and profits of webmasters.

Supported, but not included in the default package. ROMEO (M) JULIE (F) FRIAR LORENZO MERCUTIO (M) BENVOLIO (M) LORD CAPULET (M) LADY CAPULET (F) NANNY (F) PARIS (M) TYBALT (M) FRIAR MARCO (M) PRINCE (M) NARRATOR 1 NARRATOR 2 CHEMISTLORD MONTAGUE (M) LADY MONTAGUE (F) TWO GUARDS PETRUCHIO (M) FOUR SERVANTS CHEF (non-speaking) THREE COUPLES (6 non-speaking roles in total) FOUR MUSICIANS (non-speaking) Romeo and Juliet was written by Shakespeare sometime between 15. LORD CAPULET: I hate their guts too, but the Prince has banned all fighting between our houses on pain of death. If you cannot accept peace why don't you go to your room and cry like a spanked child, eh? ´╗┐The play is set in 15th century Verona and Mantua.It's amazing features and low cost make it one of the best dating software.It includes inbuilt GIFT SHOP as well to hook your members plus generate...