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16 May

I have partly succeeded, and the freedom from interruptions—including potential clients I cannot help, opposing counsel with questions I am not prepared to answer on the spot, and telemarketers—is liberating. The easiest way to avoid unscheduled phone calls is to just stop answering the phone (which may be a good idea, actually).Of course, this is likely to cause other problems, so I don’t recommend it instead, use voicemail to your advantage.It’s the shouting into the cell phone; it’s the airing of one’s private life on the cell phone in the presence of strangers. Once again, if you must, excuse yourself first and then be very brief.It’s the endless verbal diarrhoea and ear bashing that one and all are subjected to without fear or favour that is the problem. It is bad cell phone etiquette to make a call whilst in the company of another person. If you absolutely must make that call, apologise first, then make the call. Share the message with those present as a courtesy to let them know that they are not the subject of the message. Be aware of privacy laws, the rights of others and charges of voyeurism if used inappropriately in the wrong places.Start with Step 1 below to learn how to make things easier on yourself, and on your potential date. Apparently, more and more people are communicating via text messaging these days instead of initiating phone calls.

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Almost all the tips on telephone etiquette apply to cell phones with the addition of one very important one – don’t contribute to noise pollution.For several years, I fended off calls with a simple voicemail message like the following: This actually worked really well, but there is at least one important caveat.I did not have a practice area with a lot of competition.The word can be found with similar pronunciation and writing in several other languages.In Indonesian, another greeting Ahiy is also used besides Ahoy.