Dating matt damon lyrics

08 Nov

It's absurd, an enigma I said yo, why'd you leave your country for battles? It's like a name gets offered, you snap 'em up like, "Deal" And then you're standing there, listening, to their crappy fucking spiel And you're staring 'em down like, "I crossed an ocean for this shit? " Trust me Sketch Menace, I know exactly how you feel Yo Organik, Sketch Menace?Fuck me I'm top five in my country, he's top five out of us three You run a fucked league, it can't be fixed Fraggle If Organik wasn't your friend, he'd have it dismantled Matt Daley is your entire top tier, now I'm a bit baffled Cause even he got bored and walked out..HIS battle That's why at Meltdown some crazy dude brung his hammer Shot an audience member in the gut, stomach splattered They had to rush him from the event, to get some blood to transfer I know, right? We were playing online Scrabble, I was fucking Matt Damon! [MD:] You flew like an idiot back and forth to do your show AND Regis & Kelly's show? :)On the bed / on the floor / on the towel by the door / in the tub / in the car/up against the mini-bar! Ask the Insider's Pat O'Brien[P O'B:] Insider has confirmed that she is, in fact, fucking Matt Damon REMEMBER WHEN? I told you I was fucking Matt Damon, I WAS fucking Matt Damon! She throws him to the street and starts pumping bullets into him, which I’ll admit is actually amusing. Actually, “Chim-Chim” is just a monkey doll in a yellow t-shirt.

However, having struck a Faustian pact to provide government access to its customers’ data, Kalloor starts having second thoughts.

[Round 1: Soul] Yo my Blackout announcement dropped you should've seen the words typed "He doesn't deserve to be on the stage." You look at me as worse, right?

So I came to Blackout to give the best performance you've all seen the first night And if all that sounds familiar it's because it wouldn't be the first time So let me guess, KOTD and Don't Flop are beefing, he's gonna make me out to be their poster boy I'm captain of my own ship, black sails when it's shore ahoy The first time?

Vanessa says this is the reason for all the earthquakes and disasters and such, and once they return the skull to the altar, all will return to normal. Well, that puts her one step ahead of the directors, anyway.

While Will and Vanessa return the skull to the altar, the Princess and Calvin try to escape the museum.