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19 Dec

It was discovered buried four inches (10cm) deep in soil on August 6 last year by a metal detector after excavations on the site.The location cannot be disclosed to prevent other people conducting digs.Gillian Varndell, the curator on the pre-history and Europe department at the British Museum who authenticated the ring, said that the department was familiar with penannular (almost ringlike) rings, but did not know where they were worn or what significance they held."People were not buried with them on them, so we are not sure how they were worn," she said.

A copy of the Code of Practice is available at our offices.23,291* copies of The Journal are sold on average each day, providing advertisers with extensive coverage of the region.*ABC The Journal 97% Paid Mon - Sat, 1/10/2012 JICREG Unique Users: 396,000 Page Impressions: 1,200,000 Audience figures from Omniture, monthly average (Jan-Jun 2014).As part of your application, please come up with at least one idea for a story that the Mercury could develop.We always strive for accuracy on our websites but, on occasions, errors can occur.