Creative dating tip

31 Mar

Have you been going out on dates where your partner looks bored, complains a lot or makes up some excuse to go home early?

If you're discouraged with dating because you can't come up with anything new to do while you're out, keep reading.

Enjoy a nice meal with your date and then drive somewhere with a view of outer space and flip on The War of the Worlds.

Or go to a dark, secluded spot, lay down a blanket, and get creeped-out listening to Dracula on a shared i Pod. You'll need to be as you work your way through 26 spontaneous, fun, and silly activities all on one date! Well, that's the number of letters in the alphabet and your job is to figure out something to do for each one!

You're about to learn about over 300 creative dating ideas that are guaranteed to spice up just about anyone's social life and have your dating calendar so full you'll have to turn people away.

In this ebook you will discover dozens of dates that are perfect for almost any kind of relationship.

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But you and only you can save your relationship from reaching the verge of its end.Keep Reading Ok, so this date idea doesn’t really have anything to do with solving a mystery, it’s more about providing your date with a fun and unique path to find you.In essence, you will creatively lead them to a few items that hint at what you will be doing that evening, with a bottle of wine and dessert, before they find you to enjoy the sunset together.Keep Reading I think just about all of us have done a paint-by-numbers at some point, but if you haven't, you’re really missing out!Invented in the 1950’s, this fun pastime gives you plenty to talk about with your date while spending time creating a masterpiece together.