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Since, from the brain’s point of view, his hand is still there, it needs only to be recalled to life. With the “stimulation” turned on—the electronic feed coursing from the sensors—Spetic feels nineteen distinct sensations in his artificial hand.Above all, he can feel pressure as he would with a living hand. Though Spetic is an industrial worker, he has been in the study long enough to have absorbed the language of the investigators, and he now speaks easily of “the double-blind data” and “following the expanding parameters of the experiment.” Spetic, burly and broad-faced, with the quietly powerful look of someone accustomed to working hard with his arms and hands, is undertaking a new set of tests: with no prosthesis on at all, simply by willing the nerves—in what is crudely called his stump, what is politely called his residual—he is manipulating a virtual hand in a virtual space, represented on a flat screen in front of him.Bravo Now is your one-stop destination for full episodes and video from all your favorite Bravo shows.

Raised an eyebrow a bit, but I again figured, “It’s National Geographic. You’re cool if you have beta items (rare items from the earliest days of the game).Unless you and your partner have both had a full sexual health screening (find your local testing service here), received clear results, and are in a committed relationship where you’re not having unprotected sex with other people, you should be using rubbers whenever you make like a free range egg and get laid.Today is World Aids Day, so in theory it should be a time when condoms will be at the front of a lot of people’s minds – so here are a few things you may not have known about the little latex heroes…The hand has more than a dozen pressure sensors within it, and their signals can be transformed by a computer into electric waves like those natural to the nervous system.The sensors in the prosthetic hand feed information from the world into the wires in Spetic’s arm.