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09 Dec

Since she met her husband, Randy, at a nightclub 17 years ago, the pair have enjoyed a string of, as she puts it, "threesomes and moresomes and crazy sex".

Recently, however, they have been after something more serious: a partner to join them on a permanent basis."I'm 52," says Gini, "and at this place of my life, if we can have a child and be a happy little tribe, it would be a beautiful thing." The hope is to find someone compatible who would live separately and have her own relationship with Randy, ideally producing offspring.

But actually, dating your friends is awesome and in my opinion, far more preferable to seeing strangers. I’ve almost exclusively dated guys that I’ve known and been friends with for a while and up until relatively recently, didn’t really understand how dating randomers even worked (how dating apps result in relationships, even less so).

Nine times out of ten, I sort of knew I’d end up going out (or at least engaging in some sort of sexual activity) with these guys – but initially and fundamentally, we were pals.

That’s what I’ve been scared of.* *Alongside all the usual stuff I’m scared of, obviously. Yes, opening up about my mental health and doing the big ‘THINGS ARE NOT OKAY’ reveal has changed my relationships – but for the better. I wasn’t sneaking away to have panic attacks or making up lists of things I’d done over weekends I’d actually spent hiding under layers of blankets and piled up laundry.

Not to sound like a huge cliché, but being honest about what I was going through – and continuing to be honest about what I’m dealing with now – has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. It means I’m not feeling the constant strain of making sure everyone believes I’m okay – because now everyone important knows that sometimes I’m not, and that’s fine.

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One of my biggest fears about openly saying ‘hey, I’m not doing okay, I’m sometimes so miserable I can’t get out of bed, I keep having panic attacks, and I need to check that all the switches are turned off for the seventh time before I can sleep’ was how it would affect my relationships with other people. The death of all my friends (always the reason they’re not texting me. I was scared that when I admitted to being not entirely okay and not quite sane, my friends wouldn’t want to be my friends anymore, that my parents would stop being proud of me or would start nonstop worrying, that anyone I wanted to date would be put off; reluctant to date ‘the crazy girl’.

When you spill what feel like your biggest, heaviest secrets, you’re giving the person hearing them a lot of power: the power to say something hurtful, to reject you, to confirm all the worst things you think about yourself. So I was pretty surprised to find the exact opposite to be the case. I wasn’t tensely holding up a fake, super happy, totally fine, entirely together version of myself.

Opening up to my friends has made them feel more able to open up to me.

It’s made us more able to share things without guilt, or shame, or worries that we’re going to be rejected.