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Our activities related to technical information include a large number of reports resulting form our independent peer reviews, independent scientific assessments, numerous other publications and regularly published information .

One of the most celebrated and controversial photographers of the 20th century, Nan Goldin has influenced a generation of photographers with her unsparingly intimate portrayals of life on the razor's edge, most famously in her unforgettable breakthrough series, "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency." Currently on view at the Modern Museum of Art in a survey curated by Klaus Biesenbach, the 1985 work—named after a song from Kurt Weill's "Threepenny Opera"—tells not only the story of the 1980s drug-addled, sex-fueled, AIDS-plagued nightclub social scene in the Lower East Side, but also the story of a fearless artist whose honest vulnerability changed the nature of photography forever.

We have extensive experience in publishing scientific information intended not only for specialists but also for knowledgeable non-specialists, and the general public.We operate with a small in-house staff and rely upon a large number of scientists, engineers and other experts chosen from academia, government, and industry.We perform independent peer reviews and independent scientific assessments for government agencies at federal sate and local levels, academia, and the industry.Goldin’s impulsive habit to document every moment she could, coupled with a nocturnal attraction to the drag queens, junkies, prostitutes, and hustlers that constituted her "family," made for a diaristic oeuvre of flash-lit, snapshot-style photographs that defined a new genre of photography at the time, and continues to have a huge influence on young artists today.(Just look at Ryan Mc Ginley's work after seeing the show and you'll recognize the DNA.) Look at the "Ballad" at Mo MA, where it is displayed both in prints and as a slide show (as it was originally exhibited), and you may feel its gravitational pull too.