Calendar dating back to 1980

26 Mar

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A centenary is a hundredth anniversary or a celebration of this, typically the remembrance of an event which took place a hundred years earlier. According to the Gregorian calendar, the 1st century AD/CE started on January 1, 1, and ended on December 31, 100.

The 2nd century started at year 101, the 3rd at 201, etc.

Country Calendar is a New Zealand documentary television series focusing on rural life in New Zealand.

It has been aired on TVNZ 1 since March 1966, making it New Zealand’s longest-running television series.

Centuries are numbered ordinally in English and many other languages.

The Council decided to keep Easter on a Sunday, the same Sunday throughout the world.To reach these dates, you can click the Google Calendar's overview calendar like a telegrapher sending morse code; or you dial in the exact date you want directly.Have you ever wondered what the weather was on a specific day in history?Country Calendar is currently produced by Julian O’Brien, with associate producer Dan Henry.Frank Torley was well known as the narrator of the show, and also produced the show for 23 years.