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02 Feb

This is similar to driving -- once you get a beginning level of expertise, you will learn regardless of what your native aptitude for driving is.One distinction -- in relationships, there's hardly any public transportation.This topic is not easy to talk about for neurotypical (NT) spouses of an adult with Asperger’s Syndrome/ autism (ASD).Their intimate life with their loved one in marriage is private.Community Q&A If you're a neurotypical person dating an autistic person, it's a good idea to educate yourself on how an aspie will act in various relationship situation, or you might get offended by his/her seemingly cold attitude.You think it would be really fun to have sex with me.

That really sucks, because women in this culture- in most cultures, really- are socially conditioned to be people pleasers.

So here’s what you do, and there’s no guarantee it’ll work.

At some point early on, you mention you have Asperger’s, if they don’t already know.

This also applies to the part of the relationship that includes sex and romance: very often there is no sexual relationship at all; or the NT-partner feels as if she is the Mom of the partner, who behaves like an immature child in an adult’s body; or the female with Asperger’s in the relationship can become asexual, as soon as a child is born; or the middle-aged male-partner with Asperger’s (ASD) and a good academic career can’t understand why it is wrong to expose his private parts in public areas, if he feels like it.

These are some of the confusing scenarios which arise regularly in NT/ASD marriages.