Are taeyang and dara dating

17 Jan

Apparently, the Kim Soo Hyun and Sandara Park relationship (or the possibility of it existing) is so popular, some of its shippers have already compiled video clips starring the Korean stars. However, some shippers – as well as In the end, all the rumors and speculation shall remain just that until both Kim Soo Hyun and Sandara Park themselves admit their relationship to be true, or at least have their official representatives claim otherwise.For all of you Kim and Park shippers out there, do you think the relationship is real or just a rumor? That’s because I’m lazy and I focused on the fanfics, videos and photos. Remember the scandal that made the rounds early 2008? You all know that I never really posted any of the appler’s investigations here right? I think he has been giving hints for awhile now and not just in the lyrics of his love songs. In one Japanese interview, he mentioned that he wished Taeyang will finally have a girlfriend because falling in love is one of the most important emotions an artist must go through.Despite all the responsibilities Kim Soo Hyun has on his plate, it seems he has time to enjoy the company of others, especially when it comes to romance.Rumors are flying like crazy that Kim is dating Sandara Park, one of the singers of K-pop group 2NE1. K-drama and K-pop internet forums are flooding with discussion of a possible relationship between Kim Soo Hyun and Sandara Park, as reported by .It all started when a forum user kicked off the rumors by writing that Kim and Park were both seen together at a restaurant, dining alone.It should be noted there is no photographic proof at the moment, but the rumor is being given credence as it is compared to the recently-confirmed dating rumors between K-drama star Min Hyo Rin () and K-pop group Big Bang member, Taeyang.

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Now after a day it is topping all music download charts in Korea! When asked about their own personal lives, CL replied, “I don’t have a love life.I really do want to date.” She then asked the other members, “If you had a boyfriend, would you want to tell everyone?For those who are unaware, fans spotted G-Dragon and Dara leaving the concert venue together following BIGBANG's concert, and the interactions between the two caused dating rumours to quickly spread.While fans and netizens are debating whether G-Dragon and Dara are dating, YG Entertainment have now released a new statement clarifying the situation - no, they are not dating!