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31 Aug

In 2010, she featured in a movie called ‘She’s Out of My League’ as ‘Molly’ where her real parents Trevor and Sharon play as Molly’s parents.The movie falls on ‘American Romantic Comedy’ genre.Naturally pretty star Alice kept her wedding make-up simple with a lick of mascara and eyeliner defining her features.

For Alice, red and white and gold would work well.” Finally, try and encourage your guests to dress up – whether they’re just sporting a top hat, or fully embracing the spirit of the occasion and donning a Cheshire Cat outfit.

"I held eyes with him because I would have been overwhelmed if I had looked at everyone else.

"I was trying not to cry but by the time my blurry eyesight got him in full view, I couldn't help it." Alex and Alice first dated as sixth-formers at Westminster School, London before rekindling their relationship at the start of 2014.

Peering out of the window of a black cab she and new husband Alex Cowper-Smith jumped into after the ceremony, Alice looked out over London.

Holding a huge bouquet of white roses, the actress sat back and enjoyed the ride with her new husband.