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19 Jul

On screen, his zeal for exploding Albania's sexual taboos is tempered by his relaxed, patriarchal manner, which may explain how he is so popular in a society that has traditionally shied away openly discussing sex.However, the doctor's grown-up son, who still lives in the US, is less than impressed by his father's new-found fame.While the opposition Socialist Party (SP) voted to certify the elections as legal and final, it began a boycott of the parliament in September 2009, calling for an investigation into alleged electoral fraud. Some cases of physical mistreatment were reported in prisons. Government corruption remained a serious and unresolved problem.Discrimination against women, children, homosexual persons, and minorities were problems. RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Section 1 Respect for the Integrity of the Person, Including Freedom From: a.Channel-surfing Albanian TV viewers are likely to be greeted by an unusual spectacle late every Thursday night - a genial grandfather chatting candidly about sex.Since autumn last year, Adem Harxhi, a 65-year-old doctor who used to live in the US, has been hosting an hour-long weekly discussion show on the private TV station, Gjeli Vizion.But the bodies of 17 gypsies were found floating after a ship smuggling people to Italy sank, the Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti reported yesterday.

Laughing, he remembers the tale of a mine-worker who complained he was too shy to have sex with his wife.

The Republic of Albania is a parliamentary democracy with a population of approximately three million.

The constitution vests legislative authority in the unicameral Assembly (parliament), which elects both the prime minister and the president.

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