Accomodating multiple learning styles

06 Feb

For example, an individual who knows nothing about baseball would have trouble understanding a “sacrifice bunt.” However, an individual who understands chess and the strategy of sacrificing a pawn to improve board position could gain an understanding of a sacrifice bunt as a strategy for improving the chances of scoring a run.

To make this analogy, the learner engages in a strategy to compare the two situations.

Putnam (Ed.), Cooperative learning and strategies for inclusion: Celebrating diversity in the classroom (pp. How might we better understand and relate to such a media-saturated audience? The attention span of younger generations is also getting less.Daneman (1991) noted that learners can absorb new information only in relation to what they already know.Continue Reading Teachers can accommodate students with visual learning styles by using webs, flow charts or maps to organize materials.Color-coded books or highlighted passages within reading materials also help visual learners absorb material.